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Health and Welfare

So my cyberstalker has had a particularly hard time adjusting to the new normal of a center-left America. Besotted and full of hate, he still openly admires my writing — in fact, he admires it so much that he wants to sneak up behind me and blow my brains out. This is a screencap of his podcast’s rotating banner Wednesday night:

Amid a hoarse and inebriated confession Thursday night, Jason Wade Taylor said he would be going to Florida to kill Matt Edelstein, the primary target of his hoax. When I called the show, he reacted to the surprise by declaring his intentions to assassinate me as well. This would be as hilarious as his claims to have worked for the CIA and MI-6 if not for the fact that Taylor has nutty friends and exhorts them to violence. Taylor has already been reported to the Houston Police Department.

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