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Breitbart’s Last War

So as I said all along, the right wing obsessives aren’t kidding when they tweet about #war and yap about “open war on Twitter.” And I was right to worry that Andrew Breitbart’s cultists would carry on the project in his name, but without his guidance. It turns out that before he died, the habitual fabricator was arranging the Shirley Sherrod treatment for Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin — and an LA assistant prosecutor-slash-right wing blogger was even trying to get the FBI to arrest them:

There was a concerted effort to shame and silence Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin by the power of the mob, even when the mob was really just an invented bogeyman.

An absurd number of conservative and right wing figures have a vested interest in this boogeyman, a scare-story that Karoli thoroughly deconstructs. Some of the names she mentions are prominent in the blogging I have done here since May, including Ali Akbar and Lee Stranahan. The larger story of right wing blogstupid is finally emerging from the dirty waters:

What you have is a pattern. Let me show it to you, in their own words. This is from an email to Andrew Breitbart, sent on February 29, 2012, shortly before he died … They were sent by a Michelle at Vested Protection Systems, LLC to Andrew Breitbart. Michelle has been identified as the operative known as @ZAPEM, a right-winger who also seems to have connections to a private detective agency used by Andrew Breitbart. (Emphasis mine)

You can read Karoli’s post here. Did I mention that @ZAPEM is best buddies with Jason Wade Taylor, also known as “Randy Hahn”? Oh yes. One wonders what other projects Andrew had going when he died.

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