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Occupy Stranahan: Monday, September 17 is “Everyone Blog About Lee Stranahan Day”

I’d like to try a scientific experiment. What happens when the blogger who started “Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day” gets a day of his own as the focus of liberal blogs? Better yet, what if sincere conservative bloggers can be convinced to join in?

I will be writing several posts about Lee Stranahan between now and Monday, September 17th, when everyone must blog about Lee Stranahan. This series of posts will help fellow bloggers understand why a third-rate hack deserves our united attention, and give everyone plenty of Stranahan-related topics to write about.

This weekend, Stranahan attempted to silence one of his liberal critics by filing a false police report and sending Maryland law enforcement after him at home. I have also confirmed that Stranahan acted as enforcer when conservative blogger Paul Lemmen called foul on the National Bloggers Club. And in June, Stranahan appeared in my Twitter timeline pushing a smear with hearsay evidence provided by a con artist.

Stranahan is now demonstrably guilty of the very same “tactics” he accuses Kimberlin of using. “Truth” is an entirely relative concept to him, and has been for years. Stranahan’s ego defines what is “true” in his world. He apparently feels free to use any means to silence political opposition, secure in the knowledge that his powerful connections will protect him from the consequences.

We must show him how wrong he is.

And we must do this on September 17th, because Lee Stranahan has yet another project. Regular Stranahan watchers will know about these projects; many don’t ever happen, though this one has because it’s sponsored by Citizens United instead of random suckers.

Stranahan’s new film is the latest in a line of smears. He maintains the ACORN smear as well as the Shirley Sherrod smear long after they have been exposed; he is largely responsible for “documenting” the Pigford smear, which is related to the Sherrod smear. Stranahan also smears random Twitter users. He tried to smear me and my friends. Now he wants to do the same to Occupy. (I have my own critique of Occupy, and a sinister leftist conspiracy to reelect Obama just isn’t in there.)

Stranahan’s excuses about being threatened with rape are lame. They are borne of a Twitter joke among Occupy supporters about the “legitimate rape” of Occupy Unmasked, Stranahan’s new fabricated film narrative, by which they refer to the fact that all the plum social media accounts were taken in advance by Occupy supporters. See here, here, here, here, and here.

Stranahan is not being threatened. His family is not being threatened. Rather, his idiotic movie is being punked in social media while he is supposed to be a social media guru. So he lashed out in anger at a Schamlfeldt, a Parkinson’s patient, and his cancer-stricken wife, both senior citizens.

This has to stop.

Everyone must blog about Lee Stranahan’s history of intimidation and fabrication, and also his scams and “fundraising” ventures. Did Stranahan get the permission of Andrew Breitbart’s family before selling t-shirts with his face on them? Apparently not, and it fits the pattern he established in 2004 as a Digital Fusion salesman.

There is so much backstory to Stranahan, including his time as a “liberal” blogger, that deserves attention. An extraordinary number of liberals and progressives had smelled Stranahan out long before he became a Breitbart blogger. It is time for them to speak up.

Conservative bloggers should feel free to join in, because Stranahan’s conservatism was born over Breitbart’s coffin. There is no core to Stranahan except Stranahan. Even bloggers who disagree vehemently with me about Occupy and politics in general will learn a great deal about him just by using Google.

There is no limit to the topic. Blog about his missing teeth if you like. Blog about his forehead, the only object in Stranahan’s universe more massive than his ego. Blog about his former career as an erotic photographer. Blog about his connections. Blog about his tinfoil hattery. Blog about his links to the National Bloggers Club.

Whatever you want to write about Stranahan, do it on September 17th. The first anniversary of the Occupy protests seems the perfect day to


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