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BREAKING: Romney’s Social Media Director Involved With Collapsing National Bloggers Club

Last Friday, Alex Brant-Zawadzki blogged that Bill Murphy (right), the Social Media Director for the Romney campaign, is an associate of Ali Akbar, disgraced President of the National Bloggers Club. Today he reports that Murphy was actually the Director of the NBC:

In a March 16 interview on an internet radio show, Murphy was listed as the Director of the National Bloggers Club. He was introduced as the Director of the National Bloggers Club. He was frequently referred to as the Director of the National Bloggers Club. A month later, in a story about how the interview went wrong, Murphy was again identified as Director.

In fact, Murphy has to have been involved with NBC from the very beginning. After all, he was listed as the Coordinator of Blog Bash, an NBC event held on February 9, 2012 at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Not to mention Akbar’s lawyer only filed NBC’s incorporation documents on January 27,  two weeks prior. Still, this represented a major professional accomplishment for Akbar; after all, for his previous two ventures (Vice and VictoryPundit Syndication, LLC) he had to have his mother file the documents.

Meanwhile, journalist Bill Schmalfeldt, aka The Liberal Grouch, who determined the group’s ostensible charitable 501(c)3 status to be a sham, has apparently triggered an IRS investigation into the organization.

This is not the first time Akbar has been involved with a for-profit non-profit; he’s been doing this since at least 2009. Murphy’s connections to Akbar also go back to at least 2009 with the American Liberty Alliance, an astroturfing organization that promoted tea parties.

Conservatives and tea party activists have been deserting the National Bloggers Club for months over Akbar’s failure to fully disclose his criminal record and allegations of improper conduct, such as asking donors for sensitive personal information.

Blogger Ron Brynaert broke this story when he asked whether Murphy had left the American Liberty Alliance off his resume when he was hired by the Romney campaign. Rather than respond to queries, Murphy scrubbed his LinkedIn resume.

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