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BREAKING: Demand For National Bloggers Club Accountability Now Bipartisan

Ali Akbar (right), founder and President of the National Bloggers Club, is a Karl Rove favorite with a criminal record. Worse, he kept that record hidden from donors from 2008, when he was convicted, until May of this year, when his probation expired. In the meantime, he has reportedly been asking NBC donors for sensitive personal information — without meeting any of the transparency requirements and standards for such organizations.

Along with the anonymous Breitbart Unmasked website, Bill Schmalfeldt of The Liberal publicized Akbar’s criminal record. While investigating the National Bloggers Club, Schmalfeldt found that Akbar and company had never actually applied for 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit status. His queries to the IRS have apparently sparked an investigation by that agency, and Schmalfeldt now says he has made a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission as well.

Schmalfeldt’s requests for comment on Twitter and in email have met with a stone wall of resistance, but that dam may finally be breaking. In June, conservative blogger Paul Lemmen called foul on the National Bloggers Club. So did Ladd Ehlinger, Jr., the conservative blogger and filmmaker known as FilmLadd. With Sinclair now joining them, a bipartisan critical mass is forming.

At his website today, Schmalfeldt is asking fellow bloggers from all sides to demand that Ali Akbar, the National Bloggers Association, and Vice & Victory Agency immediately publish:

The names of every National Bloggers Club Board member including the date each became associated with the NBC;

A complete financial report showing the amounts of all monies paid to in contributions; services, or sponsorships made to NBC or BlogBash;

A complete financial reporting of all funds paid out by NBC or BlogBash including the names of those receiving said payments and the reasons for each;

A complete financial accounting of all funds paid out by NBC/Blogbash including an accounting of what the payments were for and if they were made for the personal benefit of Ali Akbar or any other member of the NBC Board;

A complete accounting of all contributions made to the Breitbart Scholarship Fund as well as an accounting of all disbursements of said funds as well as the name of the financial institution(s) where contributions are on deposit;

A statement as to Bill Murphy’s past and current connections with NBC and BlogBash; whether Murphy has been involved in any NBC/BlogBash activities and or promotions since becoming the official Social Media Director for the Romney/Ryan campaign;

The IRS 501(c)(3) documents confirming the below stated claim by NBC:

National Bloggers Club is a new 501(c)(3) founded by top new media operatives, bloggers and journalists as a loose association of bloggers who are for free enterprise and limited government and to advocate on bloggers behalf.

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