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The True Confession of Mitch McConnell

I love the word “obfuscation.” It’s such a brilliant description of any Republican caught in the headlights of an interview, especially about healthcare reform, and  with what they’d replace the recently-proclaimed Constitutional Affordable Care Act.

They were all over the place on the Sunday shows – Paul Ryan, amongst them – just obfuscating right, left and centre about what they’d do about healthcare once they’d repealed what they call Obamacare. (Just as well that they obfuscated, because when they don’t obfuscate, they just lie – like repeating again and again that the Democrats were planning on making $500 billion worth of cuts to Medicare (a program which the Tea Party still hasn’t sussed is socialised medicine).

So into the Republican-friendly bosom of Fox News to be interviewed by Chris Wallace. Wallace the Not-So-Younger has good journalism DNA, although years of working for Fox have rendered this almost undetectable; but yesterday, either Wallace remembered he was a registered Democrat or he channeled the DNA of his late father, which resulted in a pretty forceful hammering in the face of McConnell’s repeated obfuscation … until the point that McConnell actually and inadvertantly confessed the real motive behind the Republicans’ stubborn refusal to offer their alternative to the Affordable Care Act.

Three times, Wallace pushed McConnell for an answer as to how the Republicans would insure the 30 million people who would gain insurance cover under the ACA, if the Republicans were to repeal the law; and the third time, McConnell blurted out the actual Republican truth: That the 30 million uninsured people in the United States really wasn’t the issue at all.

Of course, it isn’t. The immediate issue for the Republicans is regaining ultimate and absolute power. Everything else is irrelevant. The European socialised medicine meme, the death panels, pulling the plug on grandma … all lies to frighten low-information voters (increasingly making up the majority of voters in the country), whose real fear is that a black man sits behind the desk in the Oval Office.

And that’s the real core of any Republican’s values. They want the power, and the people be damned.

Watch Mitch’s rare moment of unintentional honesty below:-

And here’s a song for Mitch in light of what he was unprepared to admit, but did anyway:-

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