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Is the National Bloggers Club a Criminal Organization?

Yesterday, I came across “An Ex Con’s View,” the blog of military impostor and convicted criminal Paul H. Lemmen. The word of any convicted criminal should be relentlessly fact-checked, particularly when the conviction is for fraud. But I found it very interesting, even though Mr. Lemmen is an outspoken conservative. First, his post from June 9, which begins with a confessional:

With this in mind, I am publicly calling for Mr. Ali Akbar to step down from the National Blogger’s Club. There should be an outside audit of not only the donations received, but also where its donated funds have gone. There should be a publication of the IRS statement certifying the status of the National Bloggers Club. Such actions will help clear the air, and validate Mr. Akbar’s stewardship to date. After an acceptable time, and with no evidence of wrongdoing, it may be possible for him to return to the National Bloggers Club, though I think the hidden nature of Mr. Akbar’s previous crimes may make this ultimately impossible. Trust is something the general public does not give lightly, and its conservative members, even less so.

I’ve been skeptical of Ali from the get-go. Requiring personal information of potential donors was a huge red flag. (Emphasis mine)

Being only recently the victim of a  hoax myself along with too many friends, that last sentence resonates. Our first suspicion was that “Randy,” the hoax personality that offered pay for work and then didn’t settle the transaction, had been nothing more than a con artist — and yes, the first red flag should have been that he asked for our personal information. That impression of a petty swindler, by the way, has evaporated over the last several days.

But just who is this Ali Akbar? For starters, the president of the National Bloggers Club is also a convicted felon.

National Bloggers Club is the martyr cult of Andrew Breitbart that I predicted on the day of his death. Without his guiding hand, that gang of right-wing pseudo-journalists could easily go out of control — especially if it was led by, let alone staffed with, ex-convicts. I can already name two former wards of the state associated with the National Bloggers Club, and one of them is crying foul here.

The information above came from an odd little website called “Breitbart Unmasked,” but it checks out. Lemmen confirmed the information was real and asked Ali Akbar to step aside in his post, sparking outrage in the conservative ‘sphere. Yesterday, Lemmen suspended his blogging after being ostracized for heresy:

Not a one of you self serving sissies, that latch onto the work product I risked my very freedom for and either promote yourself or attack me because you haven’t the maturity to privately email me or refuse to respond to my emails and discuss your difficulties with me and work out our differences, you are the ones that have not the balls to do it yourself but find attack and outright lies, slander and defamation much easier than dirtying your nails.

I’m a tiny voice, a micro-blog and I’ll not allow “my betters” and the blowhards to use me as a doormat any longer. Do your own fucking work. Not a damn one of you is worth going back to prison for. (Emphasis mine)

Yes, why is it that every time someone calls Team Breitbart into question, they get slimed and smeared and vilified? That thought occurred to me last week when podcaster Lee Stranahan bullied the victims of “Randy” on Twitter just as my post about the hoax gained traction. It seemed strange timing to me.

Curiosity aroused, I did something I wouldn’t ordinarily do: listen to Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby’s podcast. I got more and more excited while I listened to these two Breitbart proteges, but the most interesting episode of all was when the SWAT pranker called in. Brandon Darby wasn’t on the show that night. The rest follows from there.

But now that I have published the results of my efforts on the SWAT story, I can’t help but think that things are coming full circle — because “Randy” has an assortment of sockpuppet Twitter accounts jamming his victims’ Twitter streams with noise. I seem to be the primary target:

Indeed, I want all those sockpuppets to “die.” They are social media accounts, not people — and they’re tools of a convicted criminal harassing his latest victims, including me. This is manufactured outrage, but thankfully no one is buying his act thus far…except Lee Stranahan. Why?

And why would “Randy” do this? No con man hangs around taunting his marks with Twitter sockpuppets. No journalist would pursue a story once they realized the source was siccing them on their victims. Maybe the object was always to cancel debate with noise. So I renew my call for “real” journalists to give my mash-up below half the attention and twice the fact-checking of every Team Breitbart production in the whole history of forever.

All this has made me rather tense and moody, so I’m going camping for a couple of days.

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