in Civilization


This is actually a big effing deal. Maybe even bigger than Joe Biden could express:

That big tall bar right there? That’s an exploding wind sector. Couple that with the GM Volt in production again and we’re off to the races. It would happen even faster if American taxpayers invested in renewables to a fraction of what we invest in oil. Can we put Americans to work building the energy export and concurrent manufacturing goods of the 21st Century? Yes, we can — and must, and inevitably will, because it is what the market already demands.

This is what Mitt Romney is out to stop. Economists call it “industrial policy;” Republicans call it “socialism.” It’s actually democratic capitalism, and anyone who tells you different is selling stupid. At one time, democratic capitalism was used to create the American auto industry and the highways it filled. It’s only socialism when it’s “sustainable.”

Socialize this!