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StopRush: Demand William Jacobson Include the Volunteers

The mustard-obsessed Associate Clinical Professor at Cornell Law School still has me unsettled this morning. It isn’t that I crave credit for myself in the mythopoeia of his paranoid style, it’s that an enormous number of people have taken part in a successful effort — but the crowd gets no credit for convincing more than 150 sponsors to pull their ads from Rush Limbaugh’s program.

No, it’s all George effing Soros.

Let me tell you about George effing Soros: his money is not anywhere near as widespread in the progressive movement as Glenn Beck would have you believe, and those organizations that do receive checks universally agree they are never big enough. Media Matters is almost superfluous when you have lots of volunteers, and they shout hard for attention. That’s how the internet works.

Last night I had a brainstorm and whipped up a petition to Professor Jacobson. I hope that everyone who has taken part in #stoprush will sign this one, too, because we need to take credit for what we’ve achieved so far. Jacobson has made a second career as Limbaugh’s academic, so if he’s determined to write a definitive record of #stoprush he needs to include us. We are the volunteers who make #stoprush possible. We are the internet. Get used to us.

William Jacobson, longtime academic ally of Rush Limbaugh, has attempted to give all the credit for the success of the #stoprush movement to a trio of personalities. WE, the VOLUNTEERS who have given time and energy to (1) educate sponsors of the Rush Limbaugh program on its content, after which sponsors almost always remove their ads voluntarily (2) fill petitions with hundreds of thousands of signatures (3) bring attention to #stoprush through blogs and social media, DEMAND that Professor Jacobson include all of us by social media handle in his conspiracy theory about the #stoprush movement.

Media Matters did not create #stoprush. George Soros did not create #stoprush. Rush Limbaugh created #stoprush by slandering, insulting, and demeaning Sandra Fluke for three solid days of program time. We are the free market speaking. Get used to us.

The petition website is here. You can tweet the professor here.

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