Rush Limbaugh Uses Actual, Real, Not-Imaginary Astroturfers

The story Rush Limbaugh’s comeback management wants you to believe is that #stoprush is astroturf, whereas he is really extraordinarily popular and an entertainer. Actually, there’s nothing entertaining about Rush Limbaugh anymore, except unintentionally, and he’s not actually popular. Take this Easter egg hunt as proof:

For the untwittered, eggs mean the retweets are from brand-new accounts. One egg might make sense, but a real netroots support network should have a variety of icon pictures. Someone is spamming popularity to a Limbaugh-supporting tweet. Contrary to popular opinion, it is impossible for one person to be many people all day; yes, with a web domain and spare time one can fake it (as we’ve chronicled before here), but the astroturfing always shows. Screen capture via @Jazzmatician.

Rush Limbaugh is an overvalued commodity, and #stoprush is not one person or a professional left concoction but an actual netroots phenomenon. Call it a popular front in the liberal media’s war against hate radio, which is also overvalued. We are the inevitable cultural revulsion against Rush Limbaugh’s sickness, and we will not stop. We use the weapons of the free market, and if you do not like it you can go suck eggs for all I care.

We are undeterred by his apologists in popular media, especially when they are the same people being held up as examples of false equivalence (ahem…Bill Maher…ahem). Our confidence is not shaken by Beltway memorandums that pretend we have gone away. My favorite part of Paul Farhi’s puff piece at the Washington Post is where he claims that “Limbaugh has apologized for some of his statements about Fluke” — because Rush Limbaugh merely used the word “apology” in a sentence. No, I want at least the “contrition” demanded of, say, a Bill Clinton.

The people “behind” #stoprush mean to continue the fight, and just to prove how serious I personally am I will spend the day flogging the very last Rush Limbaugh petition anyone ever has to sign, and I will be hunger striking until there are one thousand signatures. No food, no water. I would rather starve than let Rush Limbaugh off the hook, or waste this opportunity to rattle the foundations of the epistemically-closed universe of right wing hate radio. As I keep saying, you can tell the real activists by their dedication.

I will do this without a word from George effing Soros, much less a check. It is much worse than some sinister conspiracy: the culture war against Rush Limbaugh will follow the rules of culture war. #stoprush will show up for the party, but stay for the jihad. When eggs show up to denounce us as domestic terrorists, they are recognizing the depth of our convictions.

Except there’s nothing terroristic about using free speech or choosing who we do custom with; where I come from, we call that the American Way, thank you very much.

And yes, it’s because we hate Rush Limbaugh. He is hateful. He’s been hateful for years, managing to offend everyone except bubbalicious hateful persons like himself. The real story of #stoprush is that he had it coming, and now that we know our power we’re not going anywhere.

So everyone please sign the petition, and stay tuned because it’s gonna get loud — I guarantee.

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  • Jason Bentley

    Have you looked at his followers list? It’s a sea of eggs.