Morning Awful: CPAC Kulturkampf

Pay very close attention to what Kevin Deanna, founder of the white supremacist group Youth for Western Civilization, has to say for himself at the CPAC conference:

It’s a cultural compound of Christian, classical, and then the folk traditions of Europe…we don’t define it as just ‘democracy’ or ‘rule of law,’ these universal institutions, we say it’s a specific culture that comes from a specific cultural experience.

Deanna is quick to say that converts to his cause are mainly concerned with their own perception of “double standards” on race and culture. The plentiful courses on European history, art, etc. at every college campus in the United States are not enough to hold back the barbaric tide of “multiculturalism,” by which he means the study of cultures that are not European and/or Caucasian. Requiring a white student to understand or tolerate any culture that is not his or her own is “indoctrination” — against which the white student must “fight back.” Whites are now the ‘victims’ of oppression by historically-oppressed minorities.

But then watch this other YWC spokesperson speak of the “victim” mentality in GOProud, which has been purged from the country’s premiere conservative convention:

Kulturkampf is primarily the assertion of one cultural value system as normative, with all others as competitors in a zero-sum game. Tolerance and diversity are eschewed in favor of purity. The problem with the world-view these two young men espouse is that Europe has always been an incredibly diverse continent in terms of culture and ethnicity — there is no such thing as “European culture,” but there are European cultures.

The term ‘kulturkampf’ was coined in Germany to describe Bismarck’s campaign against Catholicism; religion was just one of the many cultural fault lines in central Europe at the time. A few decades later, Germans would become so concerned with cultural purity that they took kulturkampf to genocidal extremes. These young men are speaking the language of fascism — and either don’t know it, or don’t care.

They’re not the only white supremacists at CPAC this year, either.

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