Morning Awful: Alabama Ultrasound Sexual Torture

Alabama will dare to tread where Virginia faltered. HB418 and SB12 would require doctors to perform an invasive ultrasound if it would display the fetus more clearly — and they would have to describe the images to the woman if she looks away from the screen:

(Bill sponsor Sen. Clay) Scofield said he hopes that, if signed into law, his bill will stop some abortions. Though the bill states a woman can look away from the ultrasound image, Scofield wants her to see it.

“So she sees that this is not just a clump of cells as she is told,” he said. “She will see the shape of the infant. And hopefully, she will choose to keep the child.”

The procedure would not be required in the case of a woman seeking an abortion to save her own life. But the bill doesn’t allow victims of sexual assault to opt out of the ultrasound.

Physicians who don’t perform the required ultrasound could be convicted of a Class C felony, which is punishable with between two and 20 years in prison. The bill also says the doctor could be sued by the unborn child’s father or grandparents.

No doctor has ever described a fetus as “just a mass of cells;” that statement is the projection of the Senator’s own mind. Moreover, these bills have never been shown to prevent an abortion — they are just a cruelty inflicted on women already having a horrible time in their lives, especially rape victims.

Harsh penalties on doctors would force them to inflict unwanted vaginal penetration on patients. If the doctor enjoys the act, however, it will qualify as sexual torture under Alabama law (Section 13A-6-65.1). In fact, it is the legislators who seem to enjoy their act, which is to make choosing harder on women who have no good choices. These bills have no unintended consequences.

Much more here, including:

Under this bill, doctors must rape, torture, and commit manslaughter in order to practice their professions, or be put in jail. I’m beginning to think Scofield hates not just women but doctors as well.

Adding: Senator Scofield is getting a $1,608 COLA.

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