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Climate Change Propelling Conflict in Syria

I can’t stand another delusional paranoid blog post raving about the PNAC agenda in Syria. As much as lefties have talked about climate change and the coming age of climate wars, it’s shocking how many of them don’t seem to understand the future is already here. A climate war happened in Libya, and now it’s happening in Syria. Food insecurity is the most common source of human conflict, and societies have never required a conspiracy in order to collapse.

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  • thumptoma

    Someone who was brave or crazy enough to be Texas-savvy might be able to tell us how the GW-enhanced droughts there have affected their economy and culture. American cattle stocks are the lowest they’ve been in half a century.  Probably plenty other stuff, too. Cow paddies too hard to make decent pies. Crosses that spontaneously burn themselves, causing Klan-wide confusion.

  • LOL I was wondering about that, there’s nothing in West Texas but cowshit and briars.