Morning Awful: Arizona Ethnic Cleansing in Progress

The State of Arizona is determined to whitewash history by ending all ethnic studies programs. This is ostensibly to support the racial ego of white kids, though of course there’s totally nothing racist about that. Such actions aren’t just aimed at the dirty foreigners, either, but the original Americans. Native American activist Bill Means at Consortium News:

So we see that this is another attack on the sovereignty and the culture of the American Indian. And it’s very, very disturbing to Indian people because we consider Spanish-speaking people to be Indians as well. And so it’s very appalling and very detrimental to the children of Arizona, especially Indigenous people.

To hear that some of the names of their heroes, authors who spell out the true history of treaties, authors who spell out the contributions of Indian people to American society, authors who talk about the land tenure, the land history in the state of Arizona. These are all subjects. The environmental issues, the extractions of resources which has contaminated a lot of the water and land of state of Arizona. The militarization on the borders, all these things seem to go to the extreme in Arizona.

It’s as if the right-wing has said, “We’re going to take over Arizona, whether anybody likes it or not, we’re going to pass these draconian laws that totally annihilate what’s little is left of the First Amendment.” So it’s very, very racist. It’s taking America back. It’s ignoring the contributions of Indigenous people to the well-being of the state of Arizona. And in particular, it’s an insult to the intelligence of all Americans.

Speaking of insulting intelligence: an Arizona woman in a Spanish-speaking community has been barred from running for city council for her poor English skills. Her political opponents brought suit under a 1910 law reminiscent of Jim Crow voting literacy tests. Watch out, because that will be where Arizona goes next — denying the franchise to citizens with the wrong first language. It’s all happened before.

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