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Ron Paul Avoiding Occupation

The laughable pretense that Ron Paul lurves Occupy protesters has now collapsed:

Paul soon took the stage, and as Adeyemi started shouting for the mic-check he was quickly surrounded by Paul supporters. Many began cheering to drown out Adeyemi’s recitation of the script he’d brought, which criticized Paul for opposing abortion rights and supporting the elimination of social programs. One Paul supporter escorted him out of the building while members of the media crowded around Heather Ryan and her 16-year-old daughter Heaven Chamberlain, two of about 12 protesters left in the building (another four had yet to arrive). The mother and daughter linked arms with the other protesters and were forced to the back of the auditorium as Paul supporters yelled at them. The small group had barely been able to disrupt Paul’s speech, with just a a brief chuckle coming from the candidate when he heard Adeyemi’s initial “mic-check!” call.

Ron Paul is a gift that refuses to stop giving. I always imagined that, should the winds of our political misfortune ever make him a serious contender for fifteen minutes, his past — and dissonant present — would catch up with him in a daisy-chain of revelations. I furthermore imagined living to see this as my reward for putting up with Ron Paulites all these years.

The implosion of Ron Paul is therefore the greatest Christmas gift I have ever received from American politics. He has shown which side he is on, and it’s not with the 99%. Ron Paul is a Randian producerist, promoting an economy of hard money and oligarchic distribution. He is not going to approve of confrontations with banks over foreclosed houses.

For some of the protesters, the thwarted mic-check was still a worthy effort to call attention to what they see as the candidate’s pseudo-populism. “I particularly dislike Ron Paul because of his use of popular language to try to make himself appear to be a person who represents the interests of the poor and the middle class,” Adeyemi explained. “He’s trying to basically co-opt the vote of people who are frustrated with the establishment.”

Behold the wisdom of crowds.

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