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Occupy Valley Forge

While nonpartisan frustration with the direction of occupation protests had begun to mount, the movement was already planning an organized retreat to Winter quarters. In an essay on activism as kulturkampf, Micah White writes at Adbusters:

We can accelerate the #OCCUPYHOMES meme by making a concerted push on December 6 and beyond to set up squats in bank-owned, foreclosed homes. In addition, we can facilitate the #OCCUPYMIGRATION of occupiers from hostile to friendly cities. There are, for example, over ninety tents at #OCCUPYBERKELEY even though #OCCUPYOAKLAND’s encampment a few miles away has been shut down.

While the corporate-State chases symbolic tents, we can start consolidating and fortifying our outdoor encampments in friendly territory until we are strong enough to resist foreclosure. Meanwhile in cities everywhere, let’s quietly set up local indoor Occupy Homes in every neighborhood. Both of these spaces just might become the bases for our Spring Offensive. (Emphasis mine)

Encamped on illegally-foreclosed lawns, the movement will now occupy Main Street. As in the parks and plazas and streets of American cities, every action against the Occupation will become another opportunity for nonviolent resistance. If the banks choose to sue and demand arrests at a time when sheriff’s departments make news for not evicting 103-year old Americans from their homes, let them. Every such action at Christmastime is another gift.

The Occupation also started taking their case to Congress yesterday, giving that body every opportunity to earn their enmity. There is some historic irony here: today in 1777, George Washington was fighting the last battle before his retreat to Valley Forge, where Congress insisted his army stay rather than marching to better quarters in Delaware. Thousands of American soldiers lost their lives that winter due to Congress’ failure to provide adequate food or shelter.

As I keep saying, this movement is as American as apple pie.

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