Morning Awful: HB 56

Alabama’s immigration law creates yet another direct cost to the taxpayer:

After confusion and misgivings from some police about how to enforce Alabama’s new immigration crackdown, the state is requiring special training in the law for more than 16,000 law officers – every sworn officer in the state.

Alabama’s head of police training, Alan Benefield, says more than 1,000 already have been instructed on the law, and thousands more will go through classes this month.

Four hours of training for every police officer in the state will save exactly zero dollars; there’s no training in the world good enough to make up for the awfulness of the law they’re enforcing. That’s clear in the uneven way the law has been enforced: police are confused and unsure of their boundaries; a Japanese Honda worker was cited the other day, while a Mercedes executive was recently arrested. That inconsistency is a feature of Juan Crow laws, not a bug.

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