Morning Awful: Rick Womick

Tennessee State Representative Rick Womick (R-Islampohobia) says Allah is a “false god.” If that’s true, then Womack is in real trouble; the name is derived from the ancient Semitic word Elohim that appears in the Old Testament and refers to the god of Israelites (and later, Jesus Christ). That’s because Islam claims the same god as Judaism and Christianity, and always has. The entire conflict between Mecca and Medina was fought over whether the House of Abraham would continue to host pagan idols alongside the god of Moses and Jesus. In his raging ignorance, this “Christian” politician is actually calling his own god false:

Womick has made himself the poster-child of ignorant, fact-free, pandering Islamophobia. The Muslim is to be hated, feared, and deliberately misunderstood at all times so that we might protect ourselves from the terrors of our own imagination — in the name of “Jehovah,” which is an ignorant bastardization of Yahweh using the wrong set of short vowels. Ignorance from beginning to end!

Videos and images via ThinkProgress.

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