Morning Awful: 20th Duggar Child

The Duggars are culture warriors of the first order. Jim Bob Duggar is a perennial Republican candidate, and their lifestyle is about patriarchal, authoritarian narcissism. Like right-wing settler families in the West Bank boasting prodigious birthrates, they are trying to outnumber the godless no matter what the cost:

The flip side of the Quiverfull ideal of “trusting the Lord with our family planning” which Jim Bob & Michelle embrace and promote through their TV Reality show, website, and numerous books, is that Michelle also accepts the possibility of her own or her baby’s deaths, should such tragedy occur, as God’s will. (Emphasis mine)

I’m not opposed to consenting adults having all the kids they want. But there’s something disturbing about Michelle Duggar getting pregnant for the 20th time when her last pregnancy nearly ended in disaster and she’s already a grandmother. If she was doing this on her own, like Octomom, we’d condemn her as irresponsible and excessive. “God’s will” is just their own motivated reasoning.

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