Morning Awful: Leura Canary’s New Job

Senator Richard Shelby managed to drag out her replacement until this May, but a key figure in the Don Siegelman prosecution has moved on to greener pastures:

This week the political newsletter, Inside Alabama Politics, (IAP) reported that Leura Canary, the recently retired U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama, will join Bronner’s RSA staff in January at a salary “in the $175,000 to $200,000 range.

At last report Bronner’s salary was nearing $600,000, and he already has at least a half-dozen staffers over the $200,000 threshold and dozens more over the $100,000 level.

Long story short: Leura Canary is Alabama’s John Yoo. She’s connected to the Karl Rove machine. She apparently lied about recusing herself from a case against a Democratic governor — a case now reportedly being reviewed by the Justice Department. Her new job is an olive branch from the state’s public retirement systems manager, David Bronner, to the Republican supermajority that tore apart the teachers pension contract in this year’s session; it would be ironic if she suffered a perp walk from one of RSA’s gilded buildings, and tragic that I’d probably not be there to catch it on camera.

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