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About Those Job-Killing Regulations

Remember those Big Government Republican laws that were supposed to save us from the brown people?

She says, “The problem is when we went to get our food permit, they said there’s a moratorium due to the immigration law.” With the new immigration laws on Alabama’s books, it’s difficult for companies like Paradise Doughnuts to get their permits.

(Laura) Barlow says she was told the law only pertained to businesses that are sole proprietorships, and she is an LLC. Still, the new law is working against her, and this is affecting the business. If she doesn’t get the right permits by next week, she will have to hold off on opening the store, which will delay her 20 employees from starting their jobs. (Emphasis mine)

I can’t think of a better example of¬†unnecessary “Big Government” than Alabama’s immigration “reform” bill. The more Republicans defend it, the less Alabama likes it and the more it costs:

The Mobile County Commission this morning agreed to give License Commissioner Kim Hastie up to $150,000 to buy equipment she needs to comply with Alabama’s new immigration law.

Commissioner Connie Hudson called the one-time expense necessary to deal with what she termed an emergency.

But whose emergency? Oh, yes — the “emergency” of illegal immigration has been “solved” by causing actual, real, not-imaginary emergencies all over Alabama. And those are in addition to actual, real, not-imaginary emergencies that the legislature seems willing to let go:

The special session may be the only chance the cash-strapped county has to avert filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy or cutting an additional $40 million by December from a general fund budget that already has been cut by almost $100 million, commissioners said.


Under Alabama law, counties do not have home rule, including authority to levy a tax or remove earmarks, unless that authority is delegated to them by the Legislature.

That’s Jefferson County, whose sewer system was the subject of a Wall Street bond swindle that has them drowning in debt. Why should the state bother to do anything about the ongoing collapse of its largest metro region? They’ve installed Juan Crow; that should suffice us.

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