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Why Zinnia Jones is a Transhumanist

Zinnia Jones is a YouTube sensation. She is also a transhumanist. In this video, Jones renders an excellent brief for the transhumanist movement as a positive philosophy of hope for the future — and the intellectual descendant of positive philosophies past.

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  • Jerry Rolex

    Transhumanism=Atheism=Man playing God – maybe I’m wrong about that.  Perhaps eugenics might fit into the transhumanist frame.  BTW, it’s said that the average sperm count of American men has slightly declined since about  1970…could this be an accident?  I see lots of gender-bending going on here.  Doing away with the natural biology of men and women.  Oh yeah, I’m sure lots of folks just can’t WAIT for something as wonderful as that to happen.  I say…let boys be boys & girls be girls.  Sick parents are supposedly raising “gender-free” children.  Sounds like the worst form of child abuse.

  • “Transhumanism=Atheism=Man playing God” is a fair way to summate the criticism, about which more tomorrow. Gender and identity are also a big part of the challenge transhumanism presents to traditional culture, which is why Ms. Jones is an excellent advocate for it.

    As for gender: cultures have treated gender in different ways. You’re expressing a cultural revulsion common to critics, but the essential problem that transhumanism’s critics must solve is that they have already lost the battle over these issues. Transhumanism has the impetus of inevitability in a hyperconnected, high-tech world. It is in every pair of boob implants, for instance.

    As for the sexes: vive la difference, as the French would say. I’m guessing that a supermajority of humans will still want to be what they are; but the world we have made also allows us freedom to be what we want.