Superman Dresses Down a 50′s Teahadist.

By Magic Love Hose

Today appears to be Superman Day here at the Ink. I figured the readers of this blog would like this sort of thing. Found on Tumblr.

I love the notion that Superman swoops in every time he hears his name invoked in a political discussion.

“There is no evidence that Barack Obama was born in this country!”

“That – I can’t even – but Superman used his micro-vision on the birth certificate! He said it was 50 years old!”

“He’s in on it! I tell you, the super-powerful alien who can hear people from a city away, fly at super-speed and throw people into orbit is being pushed around by Obama and covering up Obama’s immigration status and – “


“… he heard me.”

“Got something against immigrants, sir?”

Magic Love Hose is not a professional politician. You can trust him because of in spite of that. He has a website and a Twitter and is 60% sure how to use them.

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Rocketed as an infant from his doomed planet; currently lives in Canada and wonders when 'rocketed' became a verb. Has a nerd's view of politics and a political view of nerdity. Is proud to be part of #1stAl, the only militia literate enough to use Twitter. (Suck it, Minutemen.)
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