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Bachmann Doubles-Down On Stupid Gas Pledge

It’s enough to make a transportation blogger pound his forehead on his desk. Via The Hill:

“The price of gasoline the day that Barack Obama took office was $1.79 a gallon,” she said in the Times account.“If the price of gasoline was $1.79 a gallon just two and three years ago, certainly we can get it back down to that level again. Why wouldn’t we be able to do that? We’re a ‘can-do’ America.”


“What Barack Obama has done is lock up America’s energy reserves,” she said.

Utter tripe. Gasoline prices are high because of insecurity, peak oil, and speculation — none of which are problems any president has any power to stop. And despite some increased regulatory oversight, drilling rigs are going up faster than they have in two decades. So is the pace of drilling. This has not, and will not, bring prices at the pump down, but it certainly has environmentalists worried.

According to Bachmann, however, none of this empirical reality is true — because Obama hates oil drilling. See how that works?

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