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It’s Coming Down

Regular readers know that I’m not a Jane Hamsher fan. There are still people blogging at FDL whose work I admire, but now there is one less: Marcy Wheeler, better known as @emptywheel, is moving her blog to a new server. Wheeler and her husband remain complementary of Jane. They haven’t revealed the cause for their separation from the Fire of Dogs and Lakes, but I suspect it has something to do with the current FDL fundraiser proving anemic.

Via Balloon Juice, @AngryBlackLady reports the desperate incoherence of Jane’s latest post:

The irony is that the Obamabots are so out of touch with who Obama is and what he wants they don’t realize that by cheering for the McConnell deal, and his prowess in making McConnell “blink,” it amounts to twisting the knife for him. It makes it impossible for him to reject the deal the end — which empowers the GOP to hold out.

Cantor offered a temporary extension three times last night, and by both Democratic and GOP accounts, that’s what made Obama snap. He wouldn’t be rejecting it “even if it brings my presidency down,” and taking his case to the American people, if he thought he had scored some big victory.

You gotta feel sorry for the guy. His most ardent supporters are the dumbest motherfuckers in the world, and they don’t realize he thinks they are digging his political grave.

I’m not sure what Jane is even saying here, but I think it rhymes with “I’m talking out of my wishful-thinking, Obama-hating ass.” @AngryBlackLady says her ship is sinking fast; I have been saying for a long time that it was leaky. Indeed, if the USS Jane Hamsher does sink, then I have undoubtedly helped to torpedo it.

I don’t feel any sense of vindication or joy, however, because the next thing you know ignorant people will point at FDL and say the heyday of netroots is over. Jane and FDL are not “the netroots,” and never were, but it won’t matter — and that sucks.

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  • Anonymous

    I can tell you the exact moment that I stopped giving the FDL chorus the benefit of the doubt, and that was when DADT was repealed.

    Before that point, I could say “well, I disagree on tone and on the acceptance of compromises, but letting a politician know what you think is never a bad idea.” Then overnight, they went from complaining about “the disastrous handling of DADT repeal” to saying that the problem was it shouldn’t have taken as long as it did. Events changed, but the script did not.

    It’s one thing to be mad at your sports team when they lose. It’s another to be mad at them when they win. If you’re mad at them when they win, the most charitable thing I can say is “maybe you just like complaining more than you like sports.” The least charitable thing I can say is that maybe they aren’t your sports team after all.

    Lord knows I’ve got my problems with Obama and the Democrats, especially in the past two weeks with the debt ceiling idiocy – but that’s pretty much the point I stopped caring what they think over there. I try to be open-minded and give consideration to differing points of view, but there’s a limit to how open minded you can be before your brain falls out.

  • Yes, that was one of my favorite rationalizations EVAH. I’ve challenged anyone who’s upset by “how long” DADT repeal took to name ONE new weapon system since 1945 that took less than three years to develop. ONE. Of course, they can’t.