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Everyone Please Stop Whining About Elizabeth Warren. She Doesn’t Even Want the Appointment

Enough with the firebagging. Elizabeth Warren is married to a Harvard professor with no interest in moving to Washington, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to commute there from Boston either.  Ryan Grim at HuffPo:

Elizabeth Warren made it clear to the White House while it was debating her nomination to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that she was not interested in a five-year term to run the agency. Barney Frank, a Warren ally, delivered that message to the White House, he told HuffPost in an interview Thursday.

She always said she didn’t want to be there as a permanent director. Some of the liberals are worried about it. It’s almost an insult to Elizabeth. She wouldn’t take this if there was the slightest impediment to her doing the job,” he said. (Emphasis mine)

Nor is this a new development. Frank told POLITICO the same thing last September:

Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank told a group of reporters Tuesday that Warren, a front runner to head the consumer agency, is “eager to set it up” but may not be in it for the long term.

“I think she’d like to administer it some, but she’s not switching her career,” Frank said off the House floor. “I don’t think she plans to spend the next six, seven years in government.” (Emphasis mine)

The ohmygawd-Obama-is-too-weak-to-appoint-her meme is a nontroversy invented by Adam Green and perpetuated by firebagging lefties. Republicans are opposing any appointment, not just hers; if he was so weak, he wouldn’t appoint anyone at all. On a nontroversy scale, this rates somewhere between Obama-hypnotizes-schoolchildren and Breitbart’s Shirley Sherrod hit job. That kind of fact-free hokum is beneath the progressive movement — it’s what we expect of teabagging morans.

Nor is the Warren nontroversy an example of what my associate MagicLoveHose calls “the PEE Zone,” in which the activist agitates for the perfect victory to win the best victory possible. BoldProgressives simply launched their APPOINT ELIZABETH WARREN OR WE’LL HOLD OUR BREATH UNTIL WE TURN BLUE campaign without asking Warren what she wanted.

Those breathless emails from Jason Rosenbaum are now having the same pernicious effect as the Kenyan birth certificate emails: a stupid falsehood refuses to die, shuffling along like a zombie. Let’s all put a bullet in its brainpan right now.

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