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New York Marriage Equality: Theory of Change

What was that thing Russ Feingold said about how Democrats should tie one fiscal hand behind their back when dealing with Republicans? Because it turns out you can buy the change you want. Stein at HuffPo:

The politics of gay rights have grown complex in a very short period of time. Once shunned by both parties, only to be picked up as a cause by more progressive-minded Democrats, LGBT issues no longer break down cleanly among the party lines.

Increasingly, a cadre of deep-pocketed Republican donors is joining in the charge. And the enticements they are using to sway lawmakers are not just conservative arguments for civil liberties or public opinion polls that show a generational divide on gay rights, but the promise of contributions or other forms of political support.

Tell me again how these Republicans square with Michele Bachmann. As the culture warriors lose, they only get louder; and this fight has been brewing under the Big Tent for a long time. Pass the popcorn…

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