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Assault On Planned Parenthood Follows ACORN Template

If you’re not pissed off, you’re not paying attention.

When ACORN became the victim of a smear campaign by right-wing media, many people shrugged. It seemed to them that ACORN had somehow “asked for it” in the way rape victims “ask for it.” Along with people like Brad Freidman and Bob Kincaid, I tried to warn readers that it would happen again — to whatever organization they valued — and this is one time I hate being right.

Planned Parenthood is under the gun, and the timing is no coincidence:

Pence introduced HR 217 or the “Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act” on Jan. 7. The bill will take federal funding from family planning non-profit organizations that perform abortions regardless of whether or not that organization is using that federal money for abortions.

Let’s review the template for destroying left and liberal organizations:

(1) Send people into the offices of your targeted organization to talk about underage sex trafficking with hidden cameras.

(2) Creatively edit the video to make it look like the organization’s volunteers and employees helped with made-up, not-real, imaginary underage sex trafficking.

(3) Raise a big ruckus about the made-up, not-real, imaginary underage sex trafficking at the organization you’ve smeared.

(4) Capitalize on the outrage with legislation to defund the organization.

ACORN was the country’s most successful anti-poverty organization, and it was targeted just as America entered the most severe recession in 70 years. They do not care what damage they do, and your organization is next — count on it.

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