(UPDATE x 2) “My administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens”

Via ThinkProgress, the full text of the president’s signing statement on NDAA addresses both of everyone’s favorite sections: Section 1021 affirms the executive branch’s authority to detain persons covered by the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) (Public Law 107-40; 50 U.S.C. 1541 note). This section breaks no new ground and is unnecessary. […]

Cenk Uygur Comes Out of the Woodwork


By Emilia 1956 I’m old enough to remember ratfuckers. They appeared, as if from nowhere, during the 1972 election year – young Republicans, mostly college students, trained to look and act like young Democrats of the day (the forerunners of today’s EmoProg Puritopians), to infiltrate the offices and campaigns of the major Democratic Presidential contenders […]

Occupy Homes

We can see this campaign of organized squatting as a direct response to the conditions of today’s housing market, which is still struggling to let out the air of rampant speculation pricing from the housing boom. The lagging crisis in housing has not been solved by the capitalist structures that created it, as banks prepare […]

Ron Paul Avoiding Occupation


The laughable pretense that Ron Paul lurves Occupy protesters has now collapsed: Paul soon took the stage, and as Adeyemi started shouting for the mic-check he was quickly surrounded by Paul supporters. Many began cheering to drown out Adeyemi’s recitation of the script he’d brought, which criticized Paul for opposing abortion rights and supporting the elimination […]

Dredd Lawmaster Needs Buildings


Via. This isn’t bad; in fact, it’s a pretty hot take on the lawmaster. Judge Dredd’s ride is supposed to look like something that can go 200 miles an hour and kick ass, with a big imposing grill. Yet I still want to see more of what Mega City One looks like before I give […]

They Are Not the Same

Submitted for your comparison: the Obama doctrine of targeted drone strikes on the left versus the Rumsfeld porn of “shock and awe” on the right. The differences are more than just the scale, as these two operations have entirely different goals and outcomes.

The Greenwald Elidings


Glenn Greenwald has only one story to tell, over and over again. It’s titled Obama Hates Peace and Freedom but Ron Paul Loves Them. His latest riff on this theme ran in the Guardian yesterday: In the last GOP foreign policy debate, the leading candidates found themselves issuing recommendations on the most contentious foreign policy question […]

Strange Bedfellows

By Emilia 1956 Zaid Jilani, a proud Southerner, doesn’t think Ron Paul is at all racist. He tweets:- And:- Zaid Jilani is the Jimmy Olsen of Think Progress, the little kid they’ve let sit at the big kids’ table; but if his bosses at Think really do think twice, they might think again about letting […]