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Jane the Hamsher Strikes Again

Go here, scroll to the bottom of the page, and you’ll find out that the woman who gave us the Fire of the Dog and the Lake also heads an ad provider called “Common Sense Media.” Among the customers of the latter is BP, which pulled ads from ThinkProgress sites (which use Common Sense Media ads) after

ThinkProgress climate editor Brad Johnson reported on The Wonk Room that big oil giant BP has been engaged in a “massive greenwashing campaign, which includes months of full-page advertisements in national and regional newspapers, radio spots, television commercials, and Internet ads on websites including

Which is the long way of saying that Jane Hamsher is quite obviously accepting money from BP. Why is that important? Because according to Hamsher, anyone who takes money from the oil company is guilty of selling out:

Carbon cap and trade was a scheme cooked up by BP and Enron lobbyists in the mid nineties. BP has subsequently dropped millions of dollars into the coffers of green groups to pave the way for it. Obama’s cry to pass Kerry-Lieberman as punishment for BP is not only highly ironic, it’s also illustrative of just how broken our national discourse around environmental issues has become.

Until progressive groups successfully address the challenge of funding themselves independent of the elite individuals and institutions that act as enforcers of a corporate agenda, they will not be able to successfully advocate for progressive causes. Any success they might have will mean that their funding dries up, and they will cease to exist.

Get that? FOX News is against cap & trade because it’s Teh Global Socializams™, but Hamsher opposes a perfectly moderate way of limiting carbon dioxide emissions because it’s just  part an eeevil “veal-pen captivation” of big green for sinister purposes:

But the Sierra Club isn’t alone. The Nature Conservancy is one of many environmental groups who have received enormous funding from the oil companies. The Sierra Club and the Audobon Society have also formed partnerships with BP. That money is there expressly to buy their good will at moments like this. And then there’s the National Resources Defense Council…

I feel so sorry for Tbogg and Marcy Wheeler. They’ve got a boss I wouldn’t wish on anybody.

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  • You know, you couldn't get me to go on Doothy's show and give that ass any sort of credibility. No matter how much I might disagree with the president's policies I wouldn't go on a FOX broadcast to make my case.

    And if I was running an ad company, I wouldn't take any ad revenue from BP just now. I just have too much of a conscious to let them spread their crap from sites that might be trusting me to filter that out. I mean, honestly, how hard is it to say “No” to BP? Shouldn't be very hard at all.

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  • Older post, I realize, but it’s worth noting that cap-and-trade is, regardless of “perfectly” or “moderate,” only a “way” of limiting carbon dioxide emissions if it’s based on sound science, which it isn’t, insofar as it relies, at least in part, on carbon capture and storage, a boondoggle so silly that, of all people, both RFK, Jr. AND Don Blakenship agree on that point.

  • mk3872

    On Fox News? Well, she IS the quintessential publicity whore.

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