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Screwing Soldiers

How much do Republicans support our troops? Well, they don’t want to change this:

Young, inexperienced, and often drawing their first paychecks, enlisted men and women are easy marks for sleazy car dealers, insurance scammers, predatory lenders, and identity thieves. So pervasive are the rip-offs—and so troubling the debt incurred by military personnel as a result—that U.S. Department of Defense officials recently labeled the situation a threat to national security. “You don’t want them distracted while they’re out on the front lines,” says Clifford L. Stanley, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness. “But they will be if they’re worrying about what’s going on at home.”

During WWII, Congress gave service members credit and debt protection while the nation was in conflict. Teh War on Terrorz™ has been no such bipartisan commitment from Republicans — either in charge or in the minority. All a soldier will find in the Grand Old Party anymore are chickenhawks and buddy-fuckers.

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  • Sheriff Bart

    I don't understand how this article has anything to do with Republicans support (or lack of) our troops. Did I miss something?

  • Jay Pepino

    Most neocons are Republicans; most neocons support the “War on Terror.” “Buddy-fuckers??” It's the so-called Left that wants a gayer military…

  • Republican Senators have succeeded in exempting car dealers from the CFPA. That has nothing to do with “respect for contracts” and everything to do with the heavy Republican tilt of auto dealers.

  • Supporting “war” is not the same as supporting “troops.” Republicans make a lot of noise about supporting the latter while actually endorsing the former. Tough talk and a photo-op in a flight suit do not equal “supporting troops.”