in Kulturkampf


I am unfamiliar with Stuart Rothenberg, but this rings true:

By beating the conservative drum the way he does — demonizing conservatives who he says aren’t conservative enough, helping nominate candidates more interested in throwing grenades than in passing legislation and belittling compromise in a country built on political compromises — DeMint makes it easier for Democrats to paint his own party in an unflattering light.

A Senate Republican Conference filled after November with DeMint-like ideologues, troublemakers and self-righteous conservatives is a caucus that is sure to sound rigid and uncompromising, arrogant and doctrinaire. Style doesn’t matter to true believers, but it does to the American people.

And that’s why Obama is smiling.

How long have I been saying this about the GOP? A long time. America’s middle will reject a movement built on the demented quicksand of paranoid politics. The more DeMint and Rand and Angle talk, the less likely a Republican comeback becomes.

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