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Can I Have The Money Quote Please?

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review characterizes the remarks of House Minority Leader John Boehner thusly: “Ensuring there’s enough money to pay for the war will require reforming the country’s entitlement system.” But it’s not in his words, it’s in their words. The money quote linking the “need” for war to the “need” for Social Security cutbacks has been left out of their online video of the interview:

Let’s review: according to a major daily, the House Minority Leader wants to push retirement age back so we can pay for wars. After po-mouthing the president on everything else,

Boehner had praise, however, for Obama’s troop surge in Afghanistan and stepped-up drone attacks in Pakistan. He declined to list any benchmarks he has for measuring progress in the nine-year war, at a time of increasing violence and Obama’s replacement of Gen. Stanley McChrystal with Gen. David Petraeus. (Emphasis mine)

That’s the modern GOP in a nutshell. Victory is unimportant for Republicans; war itself is the object. The price in blood and treasure helps promote their anarcho-Randian domestic agenda. It would be nice if the Tribune-Review put the entire quote online so we could all see it ourselves. It’s already going to be a source of explosive controversy, and ought to be. Such a quote deserves to become campaign ad fodder.

I really hope the newspaper isn’t holding back out of some Lara Logan-like concern for their access.

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