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British Petroleum Is The New Hitler

The Governor of Mississippi has been pushing his state’s beaches despite the ongoing oil debacle. Local news has tried to comply:

Though some tar balls have been found on Mississippi and Alabama barrier islands, oil from the spill has not significantly fouled the shores.

Another example here. Now that the first tar balls have showed up on Mississippi’s snow-white beaches, you have to wonder if it wasn’t just a bid to get the most out of Memorial Day weekend — and how long it will take for tourists to get sick, and then for BP to deny anyone’s health problems could possibly be oil-related.

Indeed, British Petroleum has not only lied at every stage of the crisis, but has compounded the lies by infringing on the First Amendment. Reporters are being kept away from the beaches. My favorite example comes from MoJo:

I asked today’s BP liaison/public-beach gatekeeper, Jason, who really seemed like a doll, if we could in the meantime talk to the cleanup workers. We can’t, he said with an apologetic face, but not because BP forbids them from talking to the press. It’s the subcontractors who’ve threatened to fire the workers for any media interaction. Indeed, when I ran into some packing up on the Grand Isle beach twenty minutes later, I asked them only if they were done working for the day, and they refused to tell me. One woman said, “I can’t talk to you,” and then another worker ran up to her and grabbed her arm and said, “Just ignore her, ignore her,” and the whole interaction was unsettlingly rude and sort of sad. The workers who were staying next to me in my Grand Isle motel last week told me that when BP (not, in this case, and for the record, a subcontractor) had instructed them that they couldn’t talk to the press, it’d involved a warning that media organizations would go so far as to dub audio propaganda over their videotaped commentary, putting unflattering words in their mouths.

The ethnic cleansing of Bikini Bottom…the propaganda and historical revisionism…the pure, evil greed…the cooperation of local sycophants…I think a new meme is upon us. In fact, it’s what fascism actually looks like.

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