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Angry Black President

What was that thing I said about the president needing to reveal his inner angry president without contributing to the angry black man meme? We at last have a Samuel L. Jackson moment:

In an interview with Matt Lauer, the President said he has been consulting with experts to learn “whose ass to kick.”

Meanwhile, BP has been countermanded on press access:

Thad Allen, who is overseeing the federal response to the Gulf oil spill, said that “general guidance” had been issued that there were only two reasons why the media should be prohibited from an area: “If it’s a security reason or a safety reason because of personal protective equipment.”

Not content to get stuck with the bill and no milkshake, the WH has endorsed an unlimited liability cap for oil spillers. Vowing that the Gulf coast will “bounce back,” the president has grabbed the political center again.

Meanwhile, operations continue. BP will replace the cap with a better one:

The newer cap will “provide a better, tighter fit” than the current one collecting roughly one-third to three-fourths of the oil gushing daily from the sea floor, company spokesman Robert Wine told The Associated Press.

Ten to one odds things start happening ahead of schedule; the White House always stage-manages expectations.

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