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Nontroversy Born

So the president showed up in Quincy, IL today to talk about Wall Street reform and a group of teabaggers showed up to stand with Wall Street. Apparently, they found it amusing that a SWAT team stood across the street. In fact, they smiled and posed for pictures with the SWAT boys behind them — “unbelievable,” is how they described it.

But they’re projecting the tyranny here. I spoke with Sgt. Folkenroth of the Quincy Police Department; he doesn’t think that’s their SWAT team in the picture, but the Secret Service —  which is currently tasked with responding to a record high number of death threats. I’ll be confirming this tomorrow.

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  • You'd think that folks on the right would be more pro-security/pro-law enforcement, but this is the second time (of which I'm aware–there may be others) that tea partiers and the cons that support them have gone off the deep end and accused members of US law enforcement / security–professionals whose job it is to risk their lives to protect the American people–of threatening them for partisan gain at the behest of the President. (Here's my response to Gateway Pundit from the last time they pulled this crap; I'm not surprised that Jim Hoft is a major player in pushing this story, as well.: With All Due Respect: Re: OBAMA SECRET SERVICE Pulls Guns On Conservative Tea Party Protesters In Bristol)
    I don't know the whole story regarding this current incident–the pictures and videos I've seen are all strangely silent about what was going on prior to the SWAT/special forces/jack-booted thugs from Obama's personal “re-education” force–oh, they were just area cops?– showed up, but I'm inclined to give LE and the Secret Service the benefit of the doubt, particularly as concerns charges that they're acting on partisan political orders.

    Anyway, great post. I gave it an honorable mention link at my post about this nontroversy. (and kudos on the word too, bytheway…)