in Alabama

Cognitive Dissonance In Action

Apologies for the smudged lens; it was impossible to tell on an LCD screen in afternoon sunlight.

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  • Elizabeth

    I'm impressed — they've even managed to find some black doodz! And Victoria Jackson is the perfect icing on this rotten cake.

    Nice job, Matt — you should post it to The Zone.

  • Wolfe_Tone

    Feel free to post here.
    In fact, please do.

  • Elliott

    This video was well put together to project an obvious slant in reality. The Democrats get their power from handouts to minorities which only make them slaves to the government. The Democratic party is full of racist and even an ex member of the KKK but they continue to play the race card. They own most of the corrupt media which continues to twist the truth just like this video which tries to make the people who go to the Tea parties as racist which couldn't be farther from the truth. Minorities don't go to Tea Parties because they either don't care about what's going on or they don't want to go against the Democrats who are giving them what they want in exchange for votes. I would also like to point out that I'm not Republican, definitely not racist and I don't only watch Fox News but I do support the Tea Party movement.

  • I put the video together myself and only edited out what I thought would seem truly unbelievable and insane. IOW, you’re seeing a video edited to make the idiots at that rally look GOOD.