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“Young” Republicans Go Gaga

In a sign of how badly the GOP has fumbled its future with a rising generation of progressive youth, the “Young Eagles” who enjoyed that lesbian-bondage club in LA were all under the age of 45. Yes, that’s what qualifies as “young” in the modern Republican Party.

And did you know that liquor is an office supply? According to the RNC, it is! Meanwhile, Political Carnival has an update on the RNC’s actions:

Our investigation has determined that following a Young Eagles event in Los Angeles, a group of individuals did attend such a club on their own. This was not an RNC sanctioned event and was not associated in any way with any RNC official event.

Subsequently, a request for reimbursement to the private individual was submitted by a RNC staff person. That person was aware that this activity was not eligible for reimbursement and had been previously counseled on this very subject. Accordingly, that staff person has been terminated.

Additionally, we have requested by letter repayment of the $1946.25 from the individual who was reimbursed. He has verbally agreed to repay the funds to the RNC.

Hey, know who else likes to hang out at that club? Lady Gaga:

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