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The Texas School Board has officially jumped the couch:

9:40 – We’re just picking ourselves up off the floor. The board’s far-right faction has spent months now proclaiming the importance of emphasizing America’s exceptionalism in social studies classrooms. But today they voted to remove one of the greatest of America’s Founders, Thomas Jefferson, from a standard about the influence of great political philosophers on political revolutions from 1750 to today. (Emphasis mine)

Via RightWingWatch. The events were liveblogged here. And yes, this does impact you because Texas schoolbook standards are every other state’s by default. That’s how the industry works, and the wingnuts were quite aware of this when they targeted this obscure panel for activist candidates. They mean to install an idiocracy, folks.

Speaking of which, my latest YouTube offering is about the return of paranoid politics to America. Enjoy.

Adding: the song is by the defunct metal band idiot, and was pressed to CD before the movie of the same name was ever made.

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