in Kulturkampf


isn’t quite what Breitbart had in mind: I’ve gone and destroyed his protege with his own videos. If you don’t like loud music, just mute the volume and it’ll work just as well. For me, though, the music is part of the indictment.

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  • zirgar

    Wasn't the destruction of the institutional left by not-so-Breitbart and company supposed to have happened around this time? I think that was his claim on FOX's Red Eye three weeks back. I remember seeing his smug, doughy, irritating douche-face that night, talking his shit, and I almost lost a nut from laughing so hard. He skerrs me.

  • nicole473

    Great video, Osborne.

    Boy, these people deserve a prison cell. I am getting to the point where I don't even want to live in the same country as the right wing.