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Bachmann: Obama “First Post-American President”

Craig Stellmacher at caught Bachmann’s bill-killing rally. Bachmann says “some have called Obama the first post-American president” about 90 seconds in.

Watch her eyes for prolonged blinking as she gets really crazy:

Word-salad garnished with nontroversy: “Obama…Pelosi…Reid…They don’t represent us…right now.” Because there was no election in 2008, or because elections do not have consequences? Congress has, in fact, voted on the bills and will now hold further votes on them in perfect legal order. The Constitution does, in fact, allow Congress to levy taxes (“mandate”) and appoint enforcement officers (IRS), and such laws are, in fact, binding. Either the representative from Minnesota lacks a basic understanding of civics, or she’s encouraging sedition.

The “post-American president” line invokes John Bolton. Having ripped the words from their context, “some” is a cowardly little word here that lets her invoke all the birther-deather-Van Jones nonsense without having to.

But what I find most offensive is the statement that health care reform

will be the first post-modern legislation where words mean absolutely nothing.

When it comes from the lips of a Christian fundamentalist, the term “post-modern” rarely refers to aesthetic movements. Rather, it has come to mean “secularism” (or “secular humanism” as they used to call it in the 1980s). It is a sophistry, a straw-man argument appearing exclusively in the mental construct of the paranoid universe.

And it is an abuse of the English language so foul as to curdle my rhetorical blood.

H/t to The Uptake; Craig Stellmacher is teh awesome.

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  • Does Bachmann realize she is “the government” and taxes are paying her salary?

  • tnlib

    cogrannie: I wonder about that every time I listen to one of these wing-nuts.

    And, if God gave us this country, what was the Revolutionary War all about?

    I think her crowd was noisy but not particularly large.

  • Some have called Bachmann the first post-23 chromosome politician. Post-modernism is part of the overarching conceptual framework (and post-modernism would deny what I just wrote as proper terminology for it. lol) I studied in college under my Philosophy degree and I have to say that most people, even people who claim to be post-modernists, have no real clue what it is, so I say unequivocally that Michele Bachmann knows as much about post-modernism as she does about quantum mechanics, Husserlian phenomenological reductionism, shitting her bloomers in public or even politics, for that matter. And on the outside chance she actually does know something about those things, she's still a doodoo head.

  • cogrannie, Bachmann suffers from terminal irony deficiency. #p2

  • tnlib, the Revolutionary War was a divinely-inspired tax rebellion. God hates taxes, see? #p2

  • See, this is why @ZIRGAR is one o'my peeps. #p2

  • cogrannie, Bachmann suffers from a congenital irony-deficiency. She doesn’t “get it” and without cognitive therapy she never will.

  • GOVCHRIS1988

    God, if she and Eric Massa had a child, it would be called Catshit Crazy Snorkel.


    This woman is definitely certifiable. Are the people of Minnesota going to vote this bat$hit crazy woman into office again? She has no idea what she's talking about, whether it's the census, concentration camps, healthcare and the new revolution she wants. Any sitting member of Congress who calls for the public to come armed and dangerous has more than a few screws loose! Get rid of her now, please.

  • Ooh! I like that one. That's as good as “crazy as a sprayed roach.”

  • AKRNC, “certifiable” is an interesting word. She owns a mental health “business” that (to reports I have so far) is apparently all about making your child stop wanting to be Teh Gay.