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Sarahpalooza! II: Convention Crashing

The revolution will be monetized.

Sorry about the audio quality at two points; there’s nothing I can do until such time as Teh Evil Plan™ sees fit to cut me a fat check to buy better equipment.

If you haven’t read my account of what happened as we tried to leave, you should.

Here’s the first Sarahpalooza for comparison:

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  • This was great Matt… and showing the contrast between Huckabee and Palin was an inspiration… I loved reading your story of the evil woman trying to have you arrested or whatever she thought she would or could do… It reminds me of the Alaska bloggers being banned from SP's book signing up there… She is really something else.

    Glad you got some good video and shared it… This is the stuff we need, not the fluff pieces the so called “libarul media” is showing.

    I still wonder who is going to fact check her speech.. like they always do the president.

  • Thanks Annette!