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Arms Control: “Breakthrough in Months”

Another one for the “just like Bush” folder! From the AFP:

WASHINGTON — The United States and Russia have reached an “agreement in principle” to slash their nuclear weapons stockpiles, the first such pact in nearly two decades, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

State Department officials could not immediately confirm the report which said the two sides agreed to lower the ceiling for deployed nuclear weapons from the 2,200 decided on in 1991 to between 1,500 and 1,675.

It would mark a breakthrough in months of negotiations to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), which led to deep cuts in both nuclear arsenals after it was signed in 1991 before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Months. Obama has completely reversed the Bush strategic position on Russia in just one year, making significant progress toward a nuclear-free world.

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  • Clifton

    You know the funny thing is you'll read that Obama hasn't done anything for progressive to be happy about. But when you point this out they say well yeah…He's suppose to do things like this but he doesn't really deserve that much credit, he not showing leadership…and so I fear, this will be the cycle for every tangible accomplishment this Pres. achieves.

  • Clifton, the weight of empirical evidence is trickling in but it's slowly having an effect.