This Is Protest

Tea parties are but the latest manifestation of right wing reactionary organizing. No matter what label you put on the package, however, movement conservatism can never become more than a pale imitation of progressive organizing. You will not find the tea party marching in the rain and snow. You will never see them confront the […]

Idiocracy Advancing

Donna Ladd of Mississippi says it better than I have: Thus, to watch someone like Barbour–an educated man–stand up and play us against each other to build a voting base for corporate America turns my stomach.

The New Religion Of The Righteous

Mississippi has nowhere to go but up. And if we pull Barbour’s finger, he can maybe show us how much he cares about civil rights for Mississippians. A #1stAL hashtag follower tweeted me this Matt Yglesias find at TIME about Ross Barnett, segregationist elected governor of Mississippi in 1959. The words have a sinister echo: […]

Netroots Failure

I caught this at Reuters last week. It’s an analysis of the likely outcome of the FCC’s net neutrality decision this week: “There aren’t really any better options for Copps and Clyburn than to support the chairman, despite their preference for tougher rules,” said Paul Gallant, an analyst with MF Global.

Operation Winter Soldier (UPDATE)

About two hundred and fifty people turned up in Washington DC’s Lafayette park across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House last Thursday for mass civil disobedience. TheĀ  135 people arrested included Chris Hedges, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, as well as the legendary Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg. UPDATE: Video still trapped in upload. Veoh […]

Holding Pattern

I’ve run into every conceivable problem on the way to getting the video done, so in the meantime here’s another Rumproast of the Hamsher set: Zandar has another great one.

My Recovery Act

I had intended to finish a post today, but the exhaustion from yesterday’s protest in the snow and travel home was simply too great. My apologies. News accounts now say 131 people were arrested Thursday. The video is incredible and I hope to have it ready on Sunday; among those not listed by the media […]

When Commitment To Jane Hamsher Supersedes Critical Thinking

Outrage gets page loads. I settled for obscurity long ago because I had no wish to become an outrage-blog. Nevertheless, yesterday’s post on Jane Hamsher brought plenty of reaction; over at FDL, Kevin Gosztola answered me directly. (Full disclosure: Kevin’s got posting privileges here. He’s also at Op Ed News. He’s everywhere.) [Osborne] goes after […]