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Your Daily Dose of Nontroversy

Breitbart’s (home of the high-tech ACORN lynching) is now on about the White House Christmas tree ornaments. Seriously! This half-inch, painted-over picture of Mao isn’t collage-kitsch, it’s “evidence” of rampant communism in the halls of power oh noes!!!

(BTW…Know who else admires Maoist ornamentation? Sarah Palin!)

And what’s this? Transvestite Hedda Lettuce? OMFG the White House has turned into Saddam an’ Gomorrer!

(Senator David Vitter’s Christmas tree reportedly includes hanging diaper decorations, but I digress.) This one plays into that whole Obama-the-narcissist meme they love so much in wingnutland:

Never mind that Obama didn’t paste his own head onto Mt. Rushmore; it was this guy. But why let facts get in the way of a good Obama Derangement Syndrome conniption fit?

Brought to you by Andrew Breitbart’s very serious “journalism.”

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