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Leaving Afghanistan

Amid all the hoopla from progressives, the message I get from this is: American troops start leaving Afghanistan in 18 months. I’m not sure which part of that promises “endless war.”

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  • Anonymous

    They'll probably drag this thing(the war) out for a couple of years, at least. I wouldn't be too surprised if Obama brings back the draft. This war will not be easily sold to the American public. There are too many problems that demand attention here in this country. The media(CNN, NBC, NPR, NYT, etc) will package and sell the war very differently from Vietnam, I predict. That means no photos of napalm-burned corpses or weeping children. People will still catch on to what's happening, though. The internet, you know. What happens when the teabaggers start to pretend it's 1968 – and start chanting "Hell no, we won't go!!!"?

  • Matt Osborne

    Anonymous, which part of "the troops will come home in 2011" is the endless war part?

    Again, I think there's an 11-Dimensional Chess game going on here. After reviewing the strategy ("dithering"), Obama has determined that an 18-month surge of forces gives the US a chance to leave something better in Afghanistan.

    As for the press: they've ignored Afghanistan for 8 years. What else is new?