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Al Franken: Thune "Hasn’t Read The Bill"

It’s about time someone called out the GOP. Let’s all invite them back to the reality-based community.

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  • Wolfe Tone

    Reality-based community?
    Dang, Matt. Everyone knows that "reality" has a liberal bias.

  • mary b

    Al Franken for President!!

    Obviously, he's got a huge set. That's what the Dems are lacking. I'd work just as hard to help him get elected as I did Obama.
    This HCR has really got me down.

  • Anonymous

    Stewart Smalley!! Man, they'll let anybody be a politician these days. Al is helping to bring the wingnuts into the reality-based community. We need this kind of cheerleading. He wrote a book with one of the cleverest titles in ages -"Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Idiot." Wow, I still haven't stopped laughing…