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We Resemble That Remark

BREAKING FROM NBC: White House official calls gays part of “Internet left fringe”

The “evidence” behind this headline is as follows:

NBC just did a piece about today’s gay rights march in Washington. For the political context of the gay community’s ire, NBC went to Chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood. Harwood was asked if the White House was worried about “the left as a whole,” and concerns they have that the White House isn’t doing things that “the left” expected them to do. Harwood said the following:

Barack Obama is doing well with 90% or more of Democrats so the White House views this opposition as really part of the Internet left fringe.

Did you catch that? The interview was with an NBC reporter, not a White House official. Those are Harwood’s words, not the White House’s.

For a sign of how seriously the White House does or doesn’t take this opposition, one adviser told me those bloggers need to take off the pajamas, get dressed, and realize that governing a closely divided country is complicated and difficult.

At Netroots Nation, I asked a room full of lefty bloggers if they ever blogged in their pj’s, and everyone admitted to doing so at least a few times. The second bit — about pajama-clad bloggers realizing that “governing a closely divided country is complicated and difficult” — is what I’ve been saying for weeks now.

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