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One Degree of Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck connecting the dots, via Bob Cesca’s GDAB:

“Six Degrees of Glenn Beck” could be a fun game, too! Let me see…he works for Rupert Murdoch. You know, this guy:

And Rupert, of course,

has extensive connections with communists — not just some communists, but some of the most powerful communists in the world. According to an extensive report in the New York Times, this man has “flattered Communist Party leaders and done business with their children,” met repeatedly with senior members of the communist Politburo, “cooperates closely” with communist censors and propaganda networks, and “cultivates political ties” with communists in the hope that they will “insulate his business ventures.” Not only that, but he “often supports the policies” of communist leaders and “attacks their critics.” (Emphasis mine)

Gosh, that was easy.


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