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Just Like Bush

Morning tab dump: Obama has ended the grant program for abstinence-only education, restored powers to the independent Intelligence Oversight Board, announced $3.4 billion in stimulus grants for smart grid technology, helped make electric cars a reality, and cut several unnecessary Pentagon programs. Oh yeah, and he signed the Matthew Shepard Act.
Health care reform legislation — with a public option — is likely to pass through Congress. Work is underway on climate change and financial reform.

“Just like Bush” my ass. The same with complaints about his style. Progressives need to wake up: this president is making Congress work again after eight years of laziness, and he aims to get what he wants — even if you can’t see what he’s doing.

Here’s one thing Bush never did that Obama has done:

ADDING: Obama isn’t like Reagan, either. He just got rid of the HIV travel ban.

ADDING: It’s late afternoon and the White House just released its visitor log for the first half of the year.

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